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Kitchen is soul


Our kitchen is the best place to grow your career as a chef. Whether or not you have kitchen experience, our kitchen partners are put through a rigorous training program so that you excel as a chef and a leader. Our chefs are trained through our in-house training programs and also have the opportunity to pursue their chef certification.

We're Hiring!


Teamwork is the name of the game here. You will work side by side with passionate, like-minded people who want to succeed. You help ensure the Earls environment is unbelievably clean and organized. If you’re interested in starting your career in the kitchen, this is the foundation of all our chefs’ careers. P.S. our very own President started as a Recruit! Say hello to possibility.

Black and white image of kitchen partners in a group hug

Growth Opportunities

  • Learn to operate an incredibly clean and organized environment
  • Strengthen your teamwork skills
  • Motivate and inspire your team
  • Become more organized

Line Team

Day and night, you are the soul of Earls Kitchen + Bar. Working the kitchen line is like playing on a sports team during the playoffs. Each station brings their ‘A’ game and works together to produce culinary masterpieces.

Two kitchen partners at a kitchen station assembling food onto a plate.

Growth Opportunities

  • Elevate your food knowledge
  • Become mentally and physically more organized
  • Execute and expect perfection
  • Inspire and motivate your team

Prep Team

You are the architect and engineer of our kitchen. You are integral to ensuring the Line Team is set up to execute our dishes flawlessly and ensure consistency in every portion, measure and stir.

Close up shot of a kitchen partner cutting food at the prep station.

Growth Opportunities

  • Learn classic cooking techniques to produce a from-scratch menu
  • Master careful planning and time management
  • Develop a keen eye for detail

The training here is second to none! It's not like any other restaurant company where something is pre-made from a bag. You learn how to set up and see what needs to be prepared fresh, what sauces need to be made, which herbs to be cut, and the smell of fresh buns baking each morning.

Allan Ruth, Prep Cook at Earls Dalhousie

Be ready to be a part of something huge. Be ready to be a part of the best run and most loved in North America. Get excited to be successful because thats what Earls does, it flares the spark in you to achieve your best self.

Kristijan Nikolenko, Prep Cook at Earls Dadeland


Becoming a leader at Earls sets you on a path of professional and personal growth that is unique in the hospitality industry. You will elevate your leadership skills by leading teams, developing people and strategically operating multi-million dollar stores. We offer our chefs the opportunity to pursue their chef certification through Red Seal accreditation or the American Culinary Federation certification.

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Growth Opportunities

  • Recruit, mentor and develop your team
  • Master your leadership skills: deliver effective feedback and give recognition
  • Make an impact culture and create an engaging workplace

There are so many factors that inspire me to work here but the overarching reason is that at Earls I really feel like I am apart of something that is changing the standards for our industry.

Brian Davies, Leader at Earls Burlington

I can take the skills I've learned from my job and use it in my everyday life (ie. Leaders Gifts, Vision + Goals, Leading Teams etc...) The best thing about Earls to me is the lifestyle that comes with it. Fun job, fun people, fun life, all with a purpose.

Scott Simpson, Leader at Earls Kingsway

Join us! We can't wait to meet you.

Apply in store between 2 to 5 p.m.

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