People Grow Here


The best part about working at Earls is becoming part of the Earls Family. The culture of collaboration, approachable leadership, and passionate people makes working at Earls an enjoyable experience.”

Puneet Kochar Asst. Regional Controller

Congrats to our great Earls Partners Farra and Jamie who are graduating from Guelph today. #soproud #leaders @EarlsWantsYou

BP Training with the GMs today!@LucasHart @ryanemmerson @johnperlinger @C_Dorn @PMiller__ @EarlsWantsYou @earlsrestaurant #peoplegrowhere

Big #earlskudos to @keaganxarcherhastie on his promotion to Sous Chef, Lunch! Unfortunately we @earlspoco are sad to see you leave but happy to see you grow and we thank you for all you’re hard work and dedication. We wish you all the best @earlsguildford #peoplegrowhere #myearls #earlswantsyou

@DarrenSawchuk nice work buddy! Quick study! Spread the word! #hootsuite #gamechanger #socialrecruiting #earls @EarlsWantsYou

Development t

“Moving into new markets is exciting and essential for the growth of Earls. It’s important for our group to source the best possible General Contractors and Vendors to assist our team.”

Kirsten Bray Project Manager

“@EarlsWantsYou: Discussing social recruiting w/ team USA @cmackers @fraser_jj”love your work @jdiseko23!

@EarlsWantsYou @cmackers taking recruiting to the next level. #peoplegrowhere

Live streaming our test kitchen to see new dishes at our calgary region town hall. 2015 is an exciting year!!! I love my job and all of the people in it and everything earls stands for! #tw2015 #townhall #myearls #earlswantsyou

Exciting! RT @AshleyDbeland: @EarlsWantsYou working on my miami application! Great opportunities await! #earlswantsyou #bestjobever


@EarlsWantsYou working on my miami application! Great opportunities await! #earlswantsyou #bestjobever

“@EarlsWantsYou: RT @catesimpsonpr: #Chefs cooking up lobster rolls @earlsrestaurant @vcbw #rhinobeer #vcbw http://t.co/RKC6dO03mX” so cool

We’re just a rad group of people looking for some more rad people to join our fun and inspiring restaurant! #earls #robsonlife #myearls #earlswantsyou #peoplegrowhere

“To deliver irresistible food and engaging experiences to every one of our guests” http://bit.ly/18iQEoC #earls @EarlsWantsYou


Ready to go #bakesale #noblepurpose #greatcause all proceeds go to @TheHSF @earlsvictoria @EarlsWantsYou http://t.co/8OowmnTHnx

@EarlsWantsYou server Mike getting to know his table #magicmike http://t.co/mM4qksyq29

A little sous special for a VIP member @craig.coops , breaded chicken breast stuffed with provolone, ham and roasted asparagus @earlslangley #earls #earlswantsyou #soulfood

@earlsrestaurant @EarlsWantsYou This would be a great event to attend for business partner’s and leaders! #Letsgo http://t.co/vSLKH7VSjS